Dear Readers,

for the time being, no new issues of 60o north will be coming out. The
magazine's website will be closed in the beginning of April. In the future old
issues of 60o north will be available on the website of the Ministry of
Agriculture and Forestry at -> Publications -> Magazines.

Low-emission diets

To reduce the environmental impacts of your daily eating habits, put more seasonal vegetables on your plate and go easy on meat and fish. Vegetables grown outdoors burden the environment much less than those produced in greenhouses. Itís also worth considering your diet as a whole from an environmental perspective. » Read more

Euro-style spatial data

The National Land Survey of Finland will be adopting the European Terrestrial Reference System (ETRS89) for use in all of its map products from February 2010. » Read more

Greenhouses' energy use reviewed

Finnish greenhouse cultivators typically use various kinds of energy: electricity for lighting, wood chips for heating, and oil burners as a backup heat source. Light fuel oil is the most common single source of energy. » Read more